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I don't mean to be crass, but a simple search will yield lots of very recent information. For example, there are threads currently on the first couple of pages that go into lots of depth.

In short, only the Duragesic and Sandoz brands were re-called. The Watson and Mylan brands were NOT effected. However, due to the large re-call, many have either (1) Started using these other brands, or (2) Moved to the 12s (actually 12.5) as an interim strategy. As a result of both, it's put a lot of market pressure on the supply of patches in those two strengths. As a general rule, pharmaceutical companies don't typically bear large amounts of inventory, so any large surge in demand, or cut in supply, really fowls up things in the short run.

Judging by feedback on this board, it seems to be much more of an issue in some regional parts of the country than others.

Hope this helps.