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I went from Oxy to Methadone. I had been on Oxy for a few years altogether. During that time with the Oxy, my PM doc also experimented with Opana...HATED IT and Duragesic. He likes to rotate meds.

When I switched from the Oxy over to Methadone, my Oxy dose was 80mg/twice daily. He started me on 60mg Methadone and then 2 weeks later tweaked the dose a little to make it a total of 75mg daily. I take the 10mg Methadone in 25mg doses/3 times a day. The tablets are scored and they break easily.

I started the Methadone at the end of Jan. of this year. I had no problems switching over from the Oxy. My PM doc also let me increase my B/T meds for a week or so to help smooth things over, since it takes roughly about 5-6 days for the Methadone to start building up in your blood.

Also, I ALWAYS get the Roxanne brand of Methadone. Stay away from the Mallincrap, sorry Mallincrofdt brand (little Freudian slip, there..:D). I'm just sorry I hadn't tried Methadone in the past. This is by far the best pain med I've ever tried. Period!!!! Good luck to you and I hope you try the Methadone and give it some time to work. It really does work wonders....at least for me and a lot of other people on this board.

Bye for now! Shay :angel: