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Well, as you all know awhile back I posted in panic that I had rec'd urine screen from my pain doctor. I won't list as many details as I did in the last post primarily due to my last post being removed from this message board after weeks of views and posts. I'll just say I did something I shouldn't have done and regretted it and feared my membership at the pain clinic was up.

Thirty days had passed and my anxiety reached a record level. I'm currently on Duragesic and for BT oxycodone along with supplemental medication. Coming off these meds cold turkey is HELL. I've done it. I never ever want to do it again. That is where most my anxiety stemmed and the fact that my pain would no longer be controlled. Those two factors combined can make a person depressed in a short amount of time. Ambition would be lost, motivation would be a word not likely used for some time if taken off my meds. Fortunately for me, I have a great group of doctors and NPs that look after me as it was intended.

You see I went back today for my follow up and my anxiety followed. The meeting became more intense when the nurses helper walked in with the test results from my screen...The screen was handled by Ameritox LTD. I'm not too fond of this company because they've billed my insurance company close to a thousand dollars for a screen. Sure, the screen was a little more sophisticated than most, but not 1000k sophisticated. She of course started off with sweeping questions asking pain level etc., and then the hard part came. She was looking at the charts, me, the charts, me which seemed like an eternity! Finally she asked why a med showed up that I wasn't prescribed. Luckily my primary physician had prescribed the meds and there was no harm no foul. After 10 minutes that seemed like 2 hours I walked out with a new perspective and a grand sense of relief. I am fortunate to be able to continue my program with no interruption. I can't say how hard this month has been on my psyche and I just wanted to thank everyone for their honest, brutal and not always comforting advice. I know most thought I was going down in a barrel of fire and I even convinced myself I was, but everything turned out ok. WHEW is all I can say and again thank you all for your time and feedback. Hopefully now I can contribute more and be at ease and shed light where I can.

By the way, the test had tested for the meds I was on, along with illegal substances such as meth, cocaine... Of course I don't do those hardcore substances, that's just ignorant!

Thank you and god bless!