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Hello there allanbruce. I am also on the 48 hr cycle. I started out on the 72 hr cycle and then soon noticed after a couple of weeks that after about 60 hours or so I would start to have minor withdrawal symptoms and not feel good. I would dread the 3rd day because I knew that my pain would shoot up and that the WD symptoms would start. Tell him that on the 3rd day your pain levels start to go up or describe whatever WD symptoms you may be having. I pretty much said "I don't feel like my patch lasts a full 3 days. I get good relief for 2 1/2 days but after that it starts fading pretty quickly." You can definitely find the information on the Duragesic manufacturer site under the "Full US prescribing information". I think Ex definitely narrowed down the search for you. It's in there you just have to look and read and find it. Good luck and if you do switch to the 48hr cycle you should see a noticeable improvement. I am glad you are getting some relief.

Sorry to hear about your pain today. I'll be honest with you....If the pain is so bad that you cannot stand, you probably need a complete re-assessment of your regimen.....Maybe something other combination is needed....Just thinking out loud.

Are you on the Duragesic brand or generic?

Hope things improve for you.

I researched the Janssen-Cilag information. Interestingly, the box and products look identical to those sold in the US....Just a few different colors on the lid. The name is also spelled slightly different...."Duragesic" in the US and "Durogesic" for Janssen products distributed via Janssen-Cliag UK. Much of the information in the prescribing sheet and patient information pamphlet is identical to that of the US. However, some of it is presented differently, but says essentially the same thing. The charts are the same. I could not find anywhere discussion of a 48 hr schedule. It says that if pain isn't adequately controlled, to increase the patch.

I would still run this by your Doc again. The 48hr schedule is common place in the US and it's the exact same patch. If increasing the patch doesn't work, I would look to a new regimen. I wouldn't keep going up. None of these long acting meds work as long as they claim.

Good luck.