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Morn'in all,
With the nation wide shortage of Fentanyl Patches I have had to use the Mylan Patches and I am wondering if anyone has done any research on the delivery system? It is obviously different than the Duragesic/gel pouch Patches. I am attempting to comprehend this different kind of patch in the hopes of figuring out WHY it makes me feel different, and maybe, since I am stuck with it for awhile, somehow I can get it to work RIGHT. I know it is just easier to use the other brand/gel pouches but since th makers have decided to be EXTRA CAUTIOUS and withdraw them from the market for awhile I am stuck with these stupid Mylan, which I agree with my doc is better than nothing. I am not in withdrawals like I have heard others post is their reaction to the Mylan, but I do feel sickish kinda, but not like I am getting too much (I am only on the 12 mcg.) Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone could explain the Mylan delivery system? Thanx:) :angel:

I think you are onto something. If I remember correctly (which is, of course, always questionable!), there is a report form in the back section of the Physicians' Desk Reference that doctors can report such incidents of bad reactions. It's probably computerized by this point in time, but--nonetheless--still valuable!

My own personal experience was tested just recently! I have been out-of-town recently and was forced to find a doctor who would help me by Rx'ing the Duragesic patches for me. This was hard enough. But, I went to 6 (I think) different pharmacies before I found anything other than the Mylan generic.

Frankly, I was even willing to purchase Brand Name Janssen if it was available. Finally, at the last pharmacy--I found the Watson Brand. Since I not familiar with its mechanism, I asked the pharmacist if it worked like the Brand Name, and he assured me it did!! Sure enough...it works like the Sandoz and Janssen types. He told me that the three boxes would cost $515.00. I had forgotten to give him my insurance. So far, they seem to work like I'm used to. They have the "goo" inside them. After using Mylan for one month when they first became available (and much more affordable) makes me ask a ton of questions.

Back to the main item at hand. I do believe that physicians can report difficulties and reactions by using a report located in the back of the PDR.

Maybe your pharmacist can use a different wholesaler to order the brand you find that works the best for you. I live in Florida, and we recently had a great deal of difficulties in obtaining these fentanyl products. So, my pharmacist here at home uses a distributor located in Mississippi to get what I need. My part of the "deal"? I have to call a couple of weeks ahead of time to remind him to do the ordering! It is marked on my calendar, and I don't find it to be a problem at all.

I hope someone with more knowledge can explain the delivery system of the Mylan patch to us all. With me, I need it explained and compaired in a simple manner.

Jon (Conductor)

P.S. It feels good to be back on line with you guys here on the Pain Management Message Board! I've been gone to Michigan for a couple of weeks, and it will take me a few days to read through the posts I've missed. I took my prayer list with me, and I expect that some items have been resolved!
If you search the name on this board, there is all sorts of information about Mylan.

I have been a patch wearer for quite some time and have found it to be a very good product. My Doc told me to not use Mylan. He said that the delivery system isn't sound....All the med, glue, and inactive ingredients are all mixed together and lopped on a patch. Conversely, the gel filled patches use a very unique delivery system.

The Duragesic brand by Janssen pioneered the technology and was the sole provider of patches until about a year ago. Sandoz (made by Janssen) and Watson the same technology. Mylan is the outlier.

One last tip for you....Pharmacies will stock a particular brand for you, but you have to talk to the pharmacist and ask. Explain to him/her that you need one particular brand, and if they think you'll be a repeat customer, the will work with you. Conversely, if you just show up each month hoping to find a particular brand, it's a crap shoot.

Hope this helps. Good luck.