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Thanks so much for your helpful and supportive post. I am completely in awe of you being able to go to school on it and get a passing grade. I could get maybe a B- for drooling on my desk, ha ha!

I am going to stay on it, its what my new doc has all his CP patients on, and I think unless I wanted to go back on the tramadol and the lortabs, which were not working anymore, this is it for me.

Like you and Steve said, I am amazed and pleased with the pain control, I will let everyone know if the side effects abate over time. It seems like we all had pretty universal issues with it.

Part of me wonders though, are we blaming to much on the one med? I cant imagine I would be winning any spelling bees the first few months on duragesic or opana either. Those of you who have been on some of those as well as methadone, what is your opinion?

My hope, since it is so affordable and working wonders for my quality of life, is that the side effects become less and less, then I can whole heartedly recommend it to others.

Steve, I wanted to ask too! Pepper, I was picturing you as a Bond girl, water skiing with her spy organizer. Painy Galore?

Thank you all for the great feedback, I will never stop saying it, you all are the best people on the net!

Hugs, Fabby :wave: