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No one has really specifically mentioned the fact that there are SEVERAL generics of the fentanyl patch. The generics are:

1. Sandoz - the one that is most like the brand name and manufactured at the same plant as the brand. This is the one that I am on and I have had pretty good success.

2. Mylan - this is the one that tends to be the cheapest and usually the most inferior

3. Watson - this is the newest generic and not widely available

Then there is the brand name DURAGESIC. You are allowed to ask for a specific manufacturer. Of course it may have to be ordered but call your pharmacy a week ahead of time and ask if they could order the SANDOZ patch (for example). Trust me I tried the Mylan patch and then the Sandoz and noticed a big difference. I also do the overlapping thing with the patches which helps to keep your BPL(blood plasma level) at the same rate. I will usually overlap, or leave the old one on 8 hours longer than the 48 hour mark, while putting the new one on at the 48 hour mark. So I have both of them on for 8 hours and then I take the old one off.

I would give those two things a try first and see if you notice a difference.