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I would suggest doing a search on this board re: the patch because we've had lots of good threads over the last couple of months. IMO, Mylan is by far the worst brand. I've read many testimonials, including many on this board, where the Mylan caused them to go into WD, not to mention doesn't work very well.

If your insurance will pay for brand, "Duragesic" is the best, followed by the generics "Watson" and "Sandoz." The gel filled patches work better than the Mylan, which is a mass of glue, med, and byproducts all lumped together.

Lastly, the prescribing white paper that comes in the box actually discusses that some patients need cycling every 48 hrs (instead of 72). Just like many report that Oxycontin doesn't last 12 hours, many report that the patch doesn't last 72. I think you will find that changing every 48 will make a big difference.

Hope this info helps, and good luck.