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Hi Lou,

I'm on Methadone and have been since January. I've been in PM for almost 8 years and have tried everything: Oxycontin, Avinza, Opana, Duragesic, & finally Methadone. It has been a GODSEND!!!!

Lou, this med is THE BEST I've ever been on, LA or SA meds. My pain control is like night and day while on Methadone. I have extremely good insurance, so I've tried all the new (supposedly better) meds. Let me tell you, Methadone far outweighs any pain control with other meds.

Of course, everybody is different, but most people that try it WILL NEVER go back to anything else! I understand it's hard to get over the "stigma" of Methadone for heroin addicts, but just remember, Methadone IS a narcotic pain reliever.

Don't be afraid just because of the stigma. If your doc knows what he's doing (prescribing Methadone) I think you will find that Methadone will give you a somewhat "normal" life. There are other members here that are also on Methadone, and they would never go back, either. You will be amazed at the pain coverage.

Anyway, just my thoughts about it. I'm sure others will reply, as well. I will never have to come off of Methadone, due to my situation, but if you ever had to, your doc will do a slow taper.....so don't worry, ok?? Bye for now.

Shay :angel:

P.S. That is a huge jump from just Darvocet and Vicodin. However, there must be a reason (like you stated) for your doc wanting to try Methadone. Plus, Methadone is very inexpensive. Some patients that don't have insurance when first entering PM will also be prescribed Methadone, due to the price. Most certainly, your doc will start you on a VERY LOW dose. Is this why he's thinking about Methadone.....because of the cost? Or, because of the benefits it would give you?? Just curious. Talk to ya later.
I would have to agree with what Fabby has to say about Methadone. I also take methadone (120 mg. per day) and have found that it is the best pain medication, by far, that I've ever taken. Yes, there can be issues with "nodding off"....but that usually is limited to the times the patient is doing some passive activity like watching t.v., reading, driving for long distances on flat, expansive highways where you aren't challenged with loads of stops and turns and scenery. But, this does get better with time and you can always have your doc lower your dose and titrate up very, very slowly. I have taken almost all available narcotic medications: opana, morphine, oxycodone, oxycontyn, ultram, duragesic patches, fentanyl lolipops andd a few others that don't come to mind this early in the morning! Again, they were not in the same league as methadone. Hope you will give it a try. You may find it is the best thing for you and your particular pain. Good luck! All the best - Memere (KathyMac):cool: