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PLEASE! Go see a NeuroSurgeon! I went to a Chiropractor when I had a "crick" in my neck. I ended up having part of my spine removed and a cadaever bone placed in its place with brackets. I have permanent nerve damage in my left hand. I later found out I have degenerative disc disease affecting my total spine. Have a Spinal Chord Stimulator in my lower back for similar problems as you have. It is great on reducing about 50% of pain but I am on a Duragesic Patch 50 which is one of the strongest meds you can be on. I am telling you all of this because if you keep messing around with DO's and Chiropractors like I did, you are at risk of having permanent nerve damage also! I will NEVER go to a Chiropractor again! Don't mess around! See a Professional Now!