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Dear painaway,

Where do we start?! I'm in that mindframe where I'm going to be very straightforward!

Let me get this right. You are putting in all of this aggravation for the BIG, WHOPPING PAIN RELIEF given by 4 Lortab 10's a day? This might help some people who have a wide variety of conditions and tolerances. HOWEVER, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how this could possibly even come close to touching your described pain in any profound manner.

The idea of seeing your GP and simply being blunt about the absurdity of this under-treatment of the problem is a GOOD ONE. Perhaps, this GP will assist you in some way. My Internist is aware of the FACT (even though it sounds like an opinion--I'm sure this could be supported by some form of empirical data) that the three PM doctors in our locale are worthless. She Rx's my significant amount of pain medication: Duragesic, Actiq, and Dilaudid. So, making this so-called treatment you're receiving crystal-clear to your GP might force some other road to become available.

Crying can always be cathartic! However, we don't want that to be a driving force, OK?

Now, I'm placing you on my prayer list--especially. So, you have support here. And...knowing the quality of folks here on our Board, I wholeheartedly believe that you will receive an unusual amount of prayer support. WE ALL SHOULD BE AWARE of the returns on prayers. The Lord who hears my prayers is excessively faithful--by always helping me out in ways that are beyond my comprehension! So, I expect improvement here. OH...as long as I'm EXPECTING...I expect you to keep us posted! (Please prove my faith as placed correctly!)

Pity party or not...We are glad you have asked for our help, suggestions, and prayer support!

Jon (Conductor)