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I just hope it doesnt make the drs start questioning me because Ive never had any problems before except for a dumb pharmacist that they had to deal with after he called them. Just dont need any hassle in future in case i need dose increase.

I don't think you have ANYTHING to worry about...Not in the least. If anything, I'm sure your Doc's office very much appreciates you taking the time to let them know in advance.

As a person who wore patches for quite some time, I can tell you without doubt that there are patch supply issues all over the country. In fact, it was one of the reasons I had to switch (along with the heat). One month, it took me 4 different pharmacies and 4 different supplies, and very unfortunately, 4 different co-pays just to get my month's supply. At the time, my Doc talked about how he had all sorts of issues with patch supply and he made some kind of comment about moving away from prescribing them to a lot of patients due to the issues.

The problem stems back to the re-call of the Duragesic/Sandoz 25s...Because it is the "tonnage" product (most often prescribed), it created all sorts of issues in the supply chain. Then, Docs started writing for (2) 12.5s as a way to get by until the 25s became available. So, that wiped out all of those supplies, especially since there wasn't adequate supply to start with (it's a low volume sku).

Naturally, all of the above put a lot of stress on not only the other strengths, but the other manufacturers as well. The other manufacturers, Watson and Mylan, didn't have adequate inventory to handle the excess demand because they were secondary players in the market. These companies can't just produce millions of patches overnight, and even if they could, it takes time for the supply chain to get re-stocked.

Believe it or not, the market is still having some minor issues as a result. Duragesic / Sandoz is back up to full capacity again, but it's going to take a while for everything to get back to normal. This probably why your patches didn't come in on time. Next month, I would make sure I ordered them about 2 weeks in advance, just to be safe.

And, BTW, I feel pretty sure your Doc knows all of this......

Please try not to worry...I can assure you it's no issue whatsoever.

Take care,