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Dear Shay,

I use the Sandoz brand, too. These were the 100 mcg strengths. I've had a great deal of success with the Sandoz generic. So, I'm hoping this will never occur again!

Years ago, I had a whole box of brand name Duragesic 75's that were completely empty except for the literature in the box. I took it back to the pharmacy, and the pharmacist called the company. Sure enough...my lot number (and several other numbers around it) had not been properly packaged. So, the company instructed the pharmacist to get all of my information, return the box, and he gave me a new box! From that point on (and to this day), the pharmacist always opens the boxes in my presence to make sure they are full.

I'm sorry that the patches stopped working for you, but you seem very thrilled and thankful with the relief you receive from the Methadone. It sounds like you have a great doctor who is willing to work with you!

Thank you, Shay, for your reply!

Jon (Conductor)