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Well,,, I finally got over to that side of town over the weekend and brought my bottle with me with the missing pills. Even though it had been a week since I was gone, the pharmacist was willing to check and see how many had been filled for that particular med and count what was in stock. Of course, THEY WERE FINE. I asked then why the pill count was not circled on my bottle. They had a relief pharmacist in that day ( how conveinent ) . So I went to my usual Walgreens and asked if there had been complaints or issues with that particular WG's or an issue with a shortage. SHe said she didn't know of any problems but that could mean that it was only reported to that particular store. I told her what happened and she was willing to contact my PM and tell her what had happened to get an emergency fill for the missing 20 pills. Insurance won't pay for the script until the 1st unless the Dr changes the doage, or the directions so I will be OK until the 1st of October when I get to get my usually monthly fill so I will be OK until then. I am lucky that I didn't have to go until the middle of Oct or I will be panicking. The Duragesic is keeping the major pain at bay and I will be careful to take what I do have sparingly for the next week. Those 20 pills were 4 days worth of meds for me. I did have my pharmacist call that WG's and let them know I had contacted my regular pharmacy so if I ever go abck there they will know I am on to them. Not that I plan on ever going back .