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:confused:[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi all,
I had my 1st pain management appt. yesterday...and I have to say What took my docs soooo long to send me???:confused:
She was the 1st doc to take my pain seriously and treat it.:angel: An Angel in my book!!!
I had 6 trigger point injections (3 in my right shoulder and 2 in my low back).
She also ordered an MRI of my shoulder (I've been asking for that for 3 years now). She thinks I might have a rotator cuff injury... Can't wait to see that MRI!!! She also prescribed me loritab and soma and upped my elavil. She wanted to give me the duragesic patches, but of course they are not covered on my insurance...
My shoulder has swollen and bruised the most of the TPI's... BUT if it helps it's worth it!:) I'm still hurting right now, but at least someone is trying to treat me...