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Dear lavalli,

Boxerluver (Melissa) offers tremendous insight here!

Particularly, various medication combinations work better than others--depending on the individual. Personally, I find Dilaudid to be effective as an adjunct to my Duragesic. As well, depending on the type of pain I'm experiencing, I use Actiq as an adjunct to the Duragesic. My Mom (always should be capitalized!), however, does not find either Dilaudid or Actiq helpful to her (in addition to her Duragesic). She finds oxycodone much more beneficial; oxy does nothing for me! We both find Duragesic significantly effective.

Continuing with the support of Melissa's suggestions...She has superior advice concerning the concept of having all of this inpatient pain management discussed and settled long before you step into that hospital. My own experience is that waiting until you get there is not the best time to have that discussion because your requests may not always be upheld by the surgical/post-op anesthesiologist/pain management physician (assuming that the surg/post-op anest/PM doc bothers to speak with you at all). So, try have this settled in every way. You will do yourself the biggest favor if you really discuss (as much as possible) the PCA device with your doctor! PCA devices offer superior pain control--again, from personal experience.

I don't mean to come across in such a curt manner concerning this subject. However, this hits a nerve (one of the few left) with me.

Please keep us posted, OK?

Jon (Conductor)