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Dear renton,

I understand your plight. When the Mylan first came out, I tried it. Truly, I had one of the worst months of pain I ever dealt with. Plus, I didn't realize why I was having very serious withdrawal symptoms. I thought I had the flu or something because of the vomiting, fevers, and shaking. At first, I didn't link the symptoms to withdrawal. But, my doctor did!

So, I went back to the Duragesic Brand name until my pharmacy was able to get the Sandoz.

It's my understanding that the Mylan is the only one of the patch types that does NOT use a "drug reservoir". The Mylan has the fentanyl mixed in with the adhesive. Well, this does not work on me at all. However, the Duragesic, Watson, Sandoz, and it seems like there's another one that I can't think of right now--They all work on the same premise that the medication "seeps" through your skin from the drug reservoir. My pharmacy orders the Sandoz brand specifically for me. I've always told them that I would pay extra to make sure I never went through that withdrawal ever again. They always encourage me to call a week before they're due to make sure they have them in stock. They ask me to do that with the Actiq, too.

I'm sorry you went through that experience! It just seems absurd that you couldn't find any in your area, but that is unfortunately far too common!

Jon (Conductor)
Just a point of clarification, the "recall" applied only to the Duragesic and Sandoz brands, and only one particular strength at that. Generic maker, Sandoz, was affected because they source from the maker of Duragesic, or Janssen.