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Went to PM. Was called back after waiting 1 hour for my procedure and was told they would discuss meds after. While I was waiting for procedure, a new PA/NP came back, asked a few questions, did a quick exam and gave me the same meds as before. Even though my reflexes are quite diminished on right side and I commented on it, he just walked away. I tried to question issues I had re: patch, depression and trying to decide what dose to skip on SA meds since I am limited to 4 perc a day he didn't seem too concerned. My appointment was at 3 and I left AFTER 7. No one was at front desk to schedule next appointment. My Pharmacy closed at7 and thet always ordermy Duragesic so I have to wait until Monday for those. Talk about DEPRESSING. I think I will just go to my PCP and see if he can control my pain since I have had SI injections and the radiofrquency shots for back. Now just dealing with painful arthritis and DDD. The Sacral/Iliac has somewhat improved