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I had switched to a Mom & Pop pharmacy last month as a known chain had shorted me a couple months back ( posted THAT story ). Last night I went to pick up Duragesic patches ( Percocets not fillable until 20th as I had gotten off schedule with my percocets last month and filled that a little late ).Anyway, went to get the patches and the young kid at drive through was scanning a bottle in the computer instead of my normal bag of boxes. I am thinking to myself, OH NO,:(, they filled my percs early and I will have to pay a couple hundred dollars as insurance won't pay etc. The kid proceeds to tell my they OWE me 29 pills from last month. I was so happy :Das I was running low on the percs and I knew I had taken them as directed ( 4 a day ). I keep these meds locked up so you can imagine my surprise when I realized I was going to be short . I had even asked my 15 yr old last week if he had gotten in to them thinking he had seen me hide the key and the locked box one day. I told the kid at pharmacy that I was surprised they had "fessed up" as other places would have pocketed those extras. On my original bottle did NOT have the quantity circled I can only assume that on a routine bill check someone realized they had extra 29 pills and assumed ( correctly I may add) that I was the one shorted. I don't have time to count 120 pills every month but I think on Schedule II they have to circle the quantity. I guess now I will have to check the bottle for the quantity circled.
No question here really and sorry for the long post but I wanted to share wth everyone this PLEASNT experience at pharmacy and missing pills.