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With the duragesic patches, if you have a tendency of heavy sweating, you may have a tendency for the patches to fall off early.
That can be avoided.

Call the toll free number on the Duragesic package and tell them that you can not keep the Duragesic patch on, no matter what you've tried.

After you talk to them, they WILL send you Fifty FREE "Bioclusive" Transparent Dressings. They are individually Sealed. They are Very Thin, but very adhedsive and WILL NOT FALL OFF!!!! Even if the Duragesic patch has a tendency to fall off after 12 hours on your upper chest, the "Bioclusive" covering will allow you to wear a Duragesic patch for a full 72 hours, if you install it at the same time as your Duragesic patch.
The "Bioclusive Dressing" is Larger than the 100 uG Duragesic patch and is inteded to be placed over any size of the Duragesic patches. They send out 1 size to fit all, it is 4 inches by 5 inches in size.
Included with the Box of 50 "Bioclusive" Transparent Dressings from Johnson and Johnson, The Duragesic people will also send you a blue 3x5 card so that you can reorder a replacement box of "BIOCLUSIVE" when you begin to run low. This is ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE!!!!! (Thats about $100 a box)

Just call the toll free number on your Duragesic Transdermal Patch box and listen to the Voice Prompts and choose the prompt to speak to a HUMAN as an End Used or as a Customer.
Just wanted to give a heads up on a couple of issues when calling for the coverlets. The previous poster did a good job of giving everyone the positive aspects, but there are a few other things you should know...

If you tell them that the duragesic patches made you 'itch' or your skin become irritated in any way (even if it was just for a minute initially!), they will 'notate' in the computer that you have sensitive skin, and will not send the coverlets. It doesn't matter if this is just a temporary side-effect, they will NOT send them to you. And its not like this initial sensitivity is something unusual! It happens to almost everyone! i mean, come on, if you try and put the patch somewhere inconspicuous, chances are its somewhere that might be more sensitive!

Also, they will ask you on the phone during your initial consultation, "what other methods have you tried to make it stick?" If you say, "nothing" they will tell you to purchase some regular athletic tape, and then if that doesn't work, to call them back. A word to the wise.....the athletic tape does not work if you sweat a good deal. I understand that the company merely wants to try and get you to try everyone thing else first before shipping out these coverlets free of charge, but in my case, the stupid idea of athletic tape made the situation worse. It stuck more to the patch than it did to my skin, and made the patch peel off sooner. I am always nervous to ever ask for a refill early, no matter the reason, so when a patch falls off after 24 hours, and it seems like there is nothing I can do to make it stick, it causes great stress.

Bottom line..... why wait until you have a problem with the patches to have the resources available to ensure they work? I say, call the number as soon as you get your script, and tell them you've tried everything, including tape, and that you HAVEN'T used any kind of alcohol or anything to clean the site before applying (this is another no-no!) and that you've tried a hair-free part of your body that is unconstricted, like your inside bicep. Then, you'll have the coverlets in case you need 'em!!

Good luck!!!
Well, if she uses no conditioners, or skin rejuvinators. Nor does she wear makeups or colognes or any other substance on her skin, she shouldn't have any problem getting them to send her the Bioclusive Coverings. She'll have the Bioclusive Coverings in about 5 days after the phone call. Just try to be honest, and don't try to make any thing up in hopes of expecting it helping them to send you the free Bioclusive coverings.

If you really need the Bioclusive Coverings to hold the Duragesic patches onto your normal everyday skin, they will send the Bioclusive Coverings out to you right away.

I tried everything to get the Duragesic patches to stick, but everything available OTC was too thick and caused the patches to fall off even quicker. I think because I'm a bit over weight, my skin rolls and folds in bed and that adds to how the patch is lifted off my skin.

But when I use the Bioclusive covering over the Duragesic patch, I would have wonderful pain management and excellent contact from the Duragesic patch for the 72 hours I wear the patch and the Bioclusive covering.

Good luck!!!

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Has your friend had any luck getting the covers?
I got mine the very first try.

I actually found out about them because my doctor had a smaller Bioclusive covering and I was trying to buy them. I finally called Johnson and Johnson directly and they said "No, No, No... you don't have to buy them at all!!! The people who make Duragesic will give them to you for FREE!"

Now the Manufacturer of the Bioclusive, Johnson and Johnson is where I found oud that Duragesic gives these out to people who need them to keep the patches on.

My patches looked like that, and once they come off the skin, no amount of tape or pressure will make them function again. She needs the Bioclusive installed snuggly over the top of her Duragesic at the same time she installs her Duragesic patch. And she should be able to wear the patch 3 full days without it lifting from the skin. Once I started using the Bioclusive coverings, the Duragesic Patches worked correctly for me, for the first time.

Do let us know how she fares.

I just wanted to remind those that are rx'd Duragesic Patch, that when you receive your first 50 (i think it is) you get a blue post card for reordering.. Make sure to send that in, before you are totally out. Because it will take longer to get the second box than the first one..Wouldn't want you all to be without them.
As they are definetly a Patch saver. I don't have to many issues with them not sticking, but occasionally they just won't stay on, then I just put a coverlette over and it and its all good. I am also replying so that this post moves to the top of threads for someone who just recently was rx'd the Patch, so that she could see the wonderful posts, that say it all. So that she had the info she needs when she makes that call to Janseen.

Take Care All
Sonya :wave:
Hi Sonya,

Thanks for the welcome that is nice. I chuckled at the post regarding the tapdance to get the coverlets from the makers of duragesic. I know it must be frightening to have one not stick and then oh well down the toilet and then having to explain the shortage of this highly regulated med to your PM dr. I had back surgery nearly 2 yrs. ago and i wish i had known about this message board back then but now i am nearly ready to get back to work and lead a more normal life. I will continue to read the boards and maybe i can help someone with a problem i have already dealt with. And find a little humor along the way. Hope you are doing well and thanks again.