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so, i went to the dermatologist the other day. i get so excited that my appointment is coming up and talk myself in to thinking something miraculous is going to happen when i go, it never does. i guess i just assume the doctor is going to give me a miracle cream that is going to get rid of every single one that is on my face or at least say something i don't already know.

someone once posted on here about what could it mean if you go to your dermatologist and their skin is broken out? i laughed about that post and said are you a dummy, of course you need to find a new dermatologist. but my new derm has these under the skin bumps or rash or something all over her cheeks. i almost laughed out loud when i saw her. anyways!

i went to the derm, she switched my antibiotic to dynacin. she kept me on the topicals. she said that my face looked clearer to her. i wanted to scream what do you know at her, but since i am shy i didn't....lol! how in the hell can she have so many patients and possibly remember what my face looked like 2 months ago. oh well! i asked about the blister thingys and she said they were acne.

but the problem is i have no insurance and the dynacin is like 285 dollars for 60 day supply. i can't afford that. especially if it doesn't work. she said the generic was minocin is that the same thing as minocycline and do they all work the same? because i can go to my neighborhood clinic and get minocycline for $13.00 dollars. sorry my post was so lenghty just wanted to let ya'll know how it went. :wave: