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Will anyone possibly please help me. I have severe acne off and on and above mild acne mainly all the time. I have these weird bumps that are kind of white and black or a mix or just single colored. They are literally bumps, not like reguler zits that are easy to get rid of. I mean they look like white heads except they are quite da.. hard and I don't want to just squeeze hard to take them away. I should add that I have oily skin after about 2-4 hours after cleansing. or removing my cetaphil and eucerin oil free facial moisturizers.

I already have a small dent in my Unibrow region... from pressing on it with my knuckle, small blackhead scar holes that seem like they are slowly dissapearing and fading out, a few of those thicker scars that are like thick lines, and some zit/black head hole things on my cheeks and forhead from popped zits and stuff... I really would appreciate no more scars or dents...

I use retina-amicro at night before I go to sleep, triaz 6percent cleanser benzoyl peroxide 1-2 times a day, take a shower once a day, and quit dynacin about two weeks ago due to I ran out of samples. The docot said I would have to wait for a real subscription or more samples until the 16th of this month. I have seemed to get more weird bumps in the time I quit using it. Though I have heard that it causes these bumps when you stop and stuff.

I live in a place where the lead derm prescriptionist is an old man that just looks at my acne and gives me products. Old and new... I have gotten some of my blackheads removed and zits removed with a small needle and a persons thumb by a derm before. Then I used tazorac cream or gel, 0.1 and then the stronger stuff 1.0. Which kept my face pretty nice for awhile. Then another big letdown came about, the derm has been out for ever...

I really just want to get rid of all of my zits, blackheads, and these stupid weird bumps that are super hard to get away. I already have depression and autism... I have a hard enough time even starting a conversation as it is. It really takes me down to know and hear people looking at me, talking behind my back, infront of my face with their freinds, and ignoring me because I'm ugly. I do have a girlfriend that is quite beautiful and a great person who makes me really talkative but it just sucks to know everyone makes fun of me as well as her because shes so pretty and I am so ugly. To sum it up I would like my girlfriend to be complimented or atleast not talked negative to about going out with me.