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Hi :)

My name is Kimberly, I'm currently a senior in college and have suffered from moderate cystic acne since the 11th grade. As a former model, I have had a particularily hard struggle with my self esteem since the onset of my acne and continue to try to lock myself up with any (even extremely minor) breakout. When I first visited a dermatologist, I was prescribed Differin cream, which needless to say did nothing to battle the cysts. As time went on and things grew worse, I went on Dynacin's generic, Minocycline. I saw results within the first couple of weeks. As soon as I began taking it, the old cysts went away quicker and no new ones formed. Within a month to six weeks, I was perfectly clear again and happy as ever. The only problem is that with extended use of Dynacin or Minocycline, a patient may develop antibiotic resistance which is an issue if you get sick. Based on that, many dermatologists will want to take you off of it after a certain amount of time. My problem was that once I went off of it, I was clear for about the amount of time I had taken it, give or take. For instance, if I took it for six months straight, I could count on getting it back six months after stopping. As of now, I have been off all acne related medication for over a year and am just now starting to get cysts back. I called in to refill my mino yesterday, so hopefully with the return to my meds I will clear up again. I have had major success with this drug and I truly and sincerely hope that you do too.

Some really random tips that I have discovered in my years of suffering from moderate cystic acne: (These may sound REALLY weird... but they are TRIED and TRUE, I totally promise.)

-A photographer I worked with heard about my problem and suggested zinc oxide ointment, which actually is diaper rash cream. I know it sounds sick, but if you put the cream liberally on the cyst overnight covered by a bandaid, the cyst will shrink up considerably and the healing time will lessen. Also it is really worth a try because it is a skin protectant and will not dry out or be abbrasive on your skin like some benzoyl peroxide treatments can.

-If a cyst is very first starting, I have found that (WEIRD, once again) corn removers work. They are really potent with salicylic acid which is in a lot of skin cleansers and if you put the round shaped sticker like medicated pads on your first forming cyst, it may clear out the clogged pore itself, preventing the cyst's growth.

-I have found that the reason my cysts occur has a lot to do with the pores clogging, and St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Acne Prone Skin is phenomenal. Also, you might consider asking your derm to prescribe you Clenia, it's a great face wash by rx only, but it exfoliates well and seems to work for me.

I really hope some or all of this helps. Good luck, and keep us posted! No pun intended.... hahaha