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101e Acne getaway is all over the net, I don't know why so few people have used in on these boards. Apparently its big in the UK and china. I've been using it for 1 week now and it definately reducess redness like nothing else i've ever tried (proactiv, everything otc, and prescriptions that are listed below). It feels great on my skin and it doesn't dry me out like bp. Please give me your feedback good or bad on 101e. My story below:

Ok so i'm new to the boards but I'm 22 and have had moderate acne for 2.5 years. About a year ago I went to the derm and started duac during the day, differin at night, and 3 months of dynacin (mino). I cleared up in about 8-10 weeks and stayed 100% clear for 9 months, then it all came back, just not as bad. So i'm on doxy now for the past 8 weeks and am not seeing much improvement. I stopped the duac and differin b/c my skin was so dry and it obviously wasn't working by itself anymore. Now i'm trying 101e. Please give me you results if you've tried 101e, I would be very greatful! :)