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I'm 22 and have had moderate acne for 2.5 years. About a year ago I went to the derm and started duac- am, differin- pm, and 3 months of dynacin (mino). I cleared up in about 8-10 weeks and stayed 100% clear for 9 months, then it all came back, just not as bad. So i'm on doxy now for the past 8 weeks and am not seeing much improvement.

I called the derm today and she said stop the differin and start retin-a micro. Also she said to use triaz cleanser. Seems as though everybody using retin-a gets an initial breakout, but should i still get one considering i've been using differin (which are both retinoids)?? Also any comments on triaz cleanser? Also she said it sometimes takes longer than 8 weeks for the doxy to start working?? Comments appreciated on RAM, Triaz, and doxy!! :wave: