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I have had acne since I was 13. I thought it was something you would just "grow out of." It is 5 years later and I have tried everything, from things on the message board to seeing my GP. My GP made me lose all faith in doctors when he gave me a precription face wash which made my face worse! I have tried epi-clear and pro-activ. None have helped me. I feel like not even going out in public which is almost impossible since I am now in college and have a part time job. I hate when people bring it up to. Some people look at you and say "why don't you do something?" That is the worse! What do people think, that I sit around and don't do anything about it! I try so hard and yet people make me feel down. I wouldn't wish acne on anyone but I wish they would just have it one day to see how it feels.

Now here is what's helped me. Last week I couldn't take it anymore so I went to a Dermatologist. I was very pessimistic especiall when he wrote me three precriptions! They were Dynacin, Duac, and Retin A (.04%). I take two Dynacin a day(one in morning and one at night) I use the Duac in the morning and the Retin A at night. It is one week now and my face already looks so much better. These meds hit the spot for me. The only problem is that my face got so red the other day and I was only in the sun for 15 minutes! My face is real red and dry but that is still better than new pimples breaking out. Is there anything to do to help with stinging/dryness/peeling?

Here is my words of wisdom - there is no miracle cure and everyone is different. Please don't spend hundreds of dollars on a product because it claims it is a cure. Believe me, I've probably already tried, lol. Somethings work for some people while somethings won't. Everyone has different body chemistry. It took me 5 years to find something and finally my face is clearing up(I wish I went to derm sooner, lol). If you have acne, keep trying things, but don't quit things after one week. I hate it when people try things for a week and stop and say it didn't work.

Does anyone else have any good results with a Dyacin, Retin A, Duac mix from their derm? Does it wear off? Thanks
Curious what is Duac and what is Dynacin?I'm familiar with Retina..I've been using Differin cream adn Klaron nightly and 2 mos later it has halped alot..less breakouts..