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Hi Again,

My doc wrote me for the name brand mino i think it was dynacin, but it was 400 bucks for a month and my insurance covered some so i was left with $167 to pay for. No thanks, I'll stick with the generic, if its not working I suggest to the derm to increase the dosage of the generic. Now all i pay is 5 bucks for each antibiotic (topical and oral).. haven't filled the retin-a script yet so i don't know how much that is covered..

I was doing the aspirin mask since the end of december, it was amazing. It decreased the time my zits hung out on my face and also faded some of the red marks.. but i fear that still doing the aspirin mask will be too much for my skin so i'm laying off it until i see if the retin a works for me..

i'll keep u posted!