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Ok, so no one answered my last post but I went to the derm. Basically, birth control has messed up my skin. Its a shame but he told me to go off Yasmin (I like it other than the skin part). He prescribed to me Dynacin and told me to use Tazorac, which I just started using because my mom gave me samples she didnt want.
What freaked me out is that the first thing he suggested to me was Accutane! I never even knew my skin was bad enough for that, I knew it had gotten bad over all the birth controls that have messed it up this past year but my god. He told me to research it a little and Im supposed to go back in 2 months to see what the Dynacin does. I was on Doryx in college and it worked wonders but Im immune...Im afraid this wont do anything.
He also mentioned getting my hormones tested which i might do.

Anyway, Im scared about this Accutane thing.

Can someone fill me in on the details? I know theres a lot of blood tests involved, but can I get some responses about what you can/cant do while on it, the side effects, if it works/when/initial breakouts, just anything you can tell me would help. I dont have real horrible acne, but its definetly not looking good after this birth control mess, and since the derm brought it up I guess its worth looking into. I told my friend and she told me DO NOT TAKE IT.
??? What do you all think?