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Ok I am not one to diet, but I do try to eat some what right. I am 16 years old and have VERY oily skin. Which is fine because I use blotting papers and it is really good in preventing wrinkles. I use to hate it but when I see people my age walking around with wrinkles that isn't good... seriously. I drink about 3 to 4 glasses of water a day sometimes none though and usually 1 pop. For my skin regimen I use Glyderm Lotion Lite (I am using the 5% right now) I love it I have used it for 5 years and you can buy it at [url]www.[ REMOVED ].com[/url] or search it on google (about $20.00). Then I buy a jar too that is a 5% cream and you will find it on the website. I have also been on Dynacin for about 5 years I started out with 75 MG and worked my way up to 100 MG. I wish I didn't have to take an antibiotic, but oh well. I also take a womens multivitamin daily in the morning. I also use Duac gel and it works great I have never had any problems on it. When I take a shower I use Brevoxl wash 8% but started out with 4%. It also works really great. This year I also began taking ortho tri cyclen LO but I am going to switch to the regular OTC recommended for acne. And a great brand for face wash is Cetaphil, I love the one in the blue package. I also go to a derm once in a while and I suggest that if you have acne to use a glycolic acid because in the long run it helps A LOT with scarring and the after marks left behind.