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I've had laser treatment and I have to say, what a waste of money!!! I spent about 6 grand hoping to get a clear complexion AND that is not what I got! I still break out and my face is FAR from clear! What helped my acne was the antibiotic, Dynacin, and also Differin gel. I was SOO desperate for clear skin I was willing to risk it and yes I regret it now... *sigh* so much money GONE and for nothing!

I urge people to try other methods before resorting to laser treatment. Think TWICE, don't rush into anything no matter how desperate the situation.
Yea your opinions sound like stuff i have heard from other people before. It seems as though all the possible negative side effects and the high cost make it not worth trying. I think im just going to try to wait it out and use my regular medicine. Thanks!

Ps i was on dynacin also and it was awsome it did a lot but i became immune to it :(