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Zip2Play - Kept my husband off the Plavix for 5 days - No fevers, no shaking and shivering. He took one more dose on the 5th day and the reaction was the worst of all!! Shivering was awful. He was on the couch with a long sleeve shirt, flannel shirt, light jacket, heating pad, electric blanket and a quilt for hours. Could not warm him up. Blood pressure dropped very, very low. WE ARE DEFINITELY DONE WITH PLAVIX.
Back to the internist in another week or so, hopefully she will have some other ideas. Pressure seems to hang out around 130 or 140 over 68 to 78. It drops to 120 occasionally. Right now he is just on the Toprol XL 200 and Accupril 40 and a 325 Ecotrin. I have be Norvasc but he currently isn't taking it. He is so tired all the time. Thanks for responding. Hope all is well.