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JTU, All the more reason to quit. I smoked for forty years and had to quit when I had a stroke. In fact, the stroke hit me when I was enjoying that morning coffee and cigarettes. I never had any signs of HBP. That was the last time I smoked a cigarette. It was one of the most difficult things I had to do but I knew it was imperative. Just picture yourself in a wheelchair, seeing double and having trouble swallowing. This lifesize picture may help you to stay off the butts. That's what happened to me . Thank God, I pulled out of that situation.

:wave: Thanks Bharkins, and im sorry to hear about your stroke. I agree with you though. I have had two heart attacks, and this third time i decided (in the hosp. 2 days) since i can't smoke in the hosp. then why should i start back now. It has been four whole days. I do have a ???. If i quit smoking and i take lisinopril (sml dose, hctz 12.5, verapamil 240 and ecotrin shouldn't my bp go down? Also still low sodium, high fiber diet and little stress.

The most stress is from not smoking, and anxiety about bp.