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Thank you so much for your quick reply. I really don't know much about why I take my particular meds, only that they are the four that control my pressure. I take metoprolol, lisinipril, norvasc, hctz and a regular strength ecotrin daily. I was started on metoprolol and lisinipril after my stroke four years ago. The others were added individually. I have gained weight on these meds never having had a weight problem. In fact, I took a product called "Weight On" when I was in my twenties. It did nothing for me.

I have tried to exercise in order to lose the weight, but I poop out quickly due to, from what I have read here, the beta blocker. I am a little off balance, which I blame on the stroke (was in a wheelchair for a month) but I do try to walk for exercise. Who knows, maybe the balance problem is also due to the meds.

You asked what kind of stroke I had. All I know is that my husband was told by the doctors that I had had a "dry" stroke. I never knew that I had high blood pressure and had the stroke while enjoying that great" coffee and cigarettes" in the morning. I, of course, did not smoke another butt after the stroke. That reminds me, I hope JTU is still not smoking and I wish that you and Axe would do the same. Axe, don't fool yourself. The dangers of smoking are there regardless of the length of time. It is not good for you. Case closed.

I have to see my doctor in February and will go in armed with many questions and tell him of my fears about the meds.