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Thank u Jack, but i've tried the beta blockers. No thanx. I am still active and would not b able to walk 2 steps instead of 3.5 miles. This is what the cardio (new) wants me to take NOW: verapamil 360mg, lasix 20, lisinipril 20 and ecotrin 325 and pravigard.

Im afraid of statins, but i might consider it since she gave me samples (and drop the ecotrin) . I told her i was allergic to lisinopril but she insist it could help my bp and my kidneys. That i'll try but will half the dose. I won't take 360 verapamil, but continue the 240. I was told to lower my bp to 130/70 ad that is my goal. My bp usually runs 155-170ish. I think i can lower it with these drugs to 130.

Im really sick of the whole mess, but i must face facts I have diabetes.