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I wish I could find the article explaining why CP doesn't work in the human body, but this will have to do.. please excuse my sketchy explanation, which goes soemthing like this:

The reason CP was put on the market as a weight loss supplement & fat/carb blocker was because in lab tests, it worked that way. However, the tested enzymes which responded to CP that were used in the lab tests are only actually present in humans' large (I think) intestines.. which, by the time the CP reaches that point, it has already passed the absorption stage of digestion and is on its way out. So if that research is accurate, I would say the best results you'd get from CP are no better than placebo.

Sorry I couldn't be of much positive help, but for what it's worth, I was on Risperdal & Effexor last year for a few months which made me gain about 70lbs.. so I definitely sympathize with you! Needless to say, I went right off those Satan pills because they were causing me more mental distress than I began with, lol. I'm currently taking Meridia, working out 3-5 times a week, and I'm on an awesomely healthy diet (healthy! not fad diet or crash diet! ;).. after an entire year of struggling to lose the extra weight, I seem to finally be having some success *knock on wood*

I really hope you find your solution! Weight gain during times of depression is especially difficult on one's already-compromised sanity. Best wishes and good luck, I feel for you! :)