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Thanks for the tip! Do you happen to know if I could safely take Adderall with an anxiety med? I have taken two different anxiety meds in the past; Effexor and Paxil. Neither worked at all. Adderall has worked wonders by helping control my racing thoughts, allowing me to concentrate on one thing at a time, and helping me be more productive in general. However... since Adderal is a strong stimulant... it sometimes makes my anxiety worse. So, you are taking Xanax daily? I have tried Xanax (my aunt has a script) & it seemed to do a great job calming me down at the onset of a panic attack. I don't think I'd be cool with taking something like that on a daily regimine, though, since it tends to make me sleepy. If I were to get on an anxiety med, would I have to give up my Adderall? And would you recommend any other particular anxiety meds (besides Paxil & Effexor, of course)?