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Hi everyone...I've done lots of searching on this board for the answers I'm looking for, and I know there is lots of information out there - I just felt I needed to tell my story too.

I'm 23 and have been moody and prone to anxiety my entire life... I suffered from mild depression in my teens but never identified it as that, I just pretty much lived in misery thinking something was terribly wrong with me, and that nobody else felt like I did. When I was 18 I sank into a major depression that lasted several months, where I had thoughts of suicide, anxiety attacks where I honestly thought I was going to die. I barely slept and stopped eating and lost 15lbs. I ended up dropping out of university for a semester, went to therapy for a couple months and was given the AD Effexor XR...I believe I was on that for 3 months or so. It did help.

Anyways, I've been feeling pretty decent for the past couple years, but this winter season I've felt it creeping back...I recognize the signs and I'm concerned. For the past month I've had a loss of appetite again, and I've been crying SO much, often for no reason, several times a day...sometimes hysterical can't-stop type crying, sometimes just a little bit before I fall asleep... there are a few things going on in my life that I know have triggered my sadness, but this is feeling a bit extreme for the situation. I'm just feeling really sad, and I want to be proactive about it. BUT...

I don't want to go back on prescription meds. I'm really interested in this alternative medicine stuff. I've heard of St. John's Wort and I'm willing to try it, but I'm concerned about it's interaction with birth control pills. I've also been reading a lot about the Omega oils, B vitamins, potassium.. it's a bit overwhelming. It got the point where it seemed like any deficiency of anything could cause depression. I'm not looking to take like 10 pills a day!

I love to drink tea and would love to try some natural teas, too...I'm not sure which herbal teas would be the best to try for depression and anxiety. I have also noticed that exercise really helps me, as I guess it does everyone.

Anyways, if you can relate to my situation, I'd love any help I can get...I just feel like I have this chronic depression in me that creeps back every once in a while...I want to be in control of it. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks so much for listening.

Take care,