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Thank you very much for your help. My blood pressure is 140/100 from Nov to the end of April or even after that. So you want me to wean off Diltiazem while starting to take 2.5mg Norvasc + 1.25mg of Zebeta + HTC 6.5mg ? then in 2 weeks I would be on the 5mg of Norvasc plus the 1.25mg of Zebeta + HTC 6.5mg ?
Yes I have read that Zebeta is the best Beta-Blocker in the market. I thought it's the Zebeta that gave me side effects, but actually I have Anxiety and Depression and just started Efexor XR 75mg + Xanax 0.5mg.
Thanks again for help,

I also suffer from seasonal depression. In fact, I took Effexor for a very short period of time but reacted badly to it. I'm not sure if this would help but I use full spectrum light in the areas where I work at home. I read somewhere that vitamin D is supposed to be helpful for depression as well as hbp. Since I have both (including anxiety) I take cod liver oil in the winter months. Ask your doctor about this though.

I take this as a supplement together with Coversyl and now Atacand (I've just been switched because of the annoying cough). By the way, my first few days on Coversyl, I got extremely agitated and nervous--something that hasn't happened in a while. Chances are though, it was a coincidence since it didn't happen again in six weeks.

All the best.