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I was on Diltiazem 120mg SR twice daily for 2 years, but in winter my blood pressure is always 140/100 and even higher. My dr put me, again, on Zebeta but this time 2.5mg only. I was on 5mg for 3.5 years. I thought it's causing my depression, but I have depression even before I get HBP. For me Zebeta is by far better than ACEs and ARBs, they gave me many bad side effects.

He also told me to take 5mg of Norvasc at night, he said that I should take Zebeta at morning and make a peroid of 12 hours between it and Norvasc. So I will take Zebeta at 9 AM and Norvasc at 9 PM, and at 12 AM I will take my Effexor XR 75 along with my 0.5mg of Xanax.

I have only one question that I forgot to ask my dr about :(. I know that Diltiazem lowers the heart rate and Norvasc doesn't, so by taking 2.5 of Zebeta can I get the same effect of Diltiazem?
I wonder because I want exercise and I need high heart rate when I exercise, which I was getting with my dose of Diltiazem.

I hope this works for me :D.
I see, so when do you suggest that I take my cup of coffee? I take Zebeta at 9 AM and Norvasc at 9 PM. Maybe by 12 PM, this wouldn't effect my medication?

No I didn't hurt my knee or shoulder while exercising. I exercise to keep myself away from a surgery to fix my shoulder :(. Also I feel good after a workout. By the way last night when I took Norvasc, before I take xanax 0.5mg and Effexor XR 75mg by 2 hours, I didn't had any side effects :D and I didn't drink coffee at all after 5 PM yesterday. So I guess I need to limit my coffee to only 1 cup daily because it keeps my eye's allergy away.

Thanks for help,