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Thank you for asking Flowergirl,

Frankly, I have been afraid to monitor my BP for the last week. However, I do have an MD appointment on the 17th. I'm on an ARB at the moment.

Your story is the opposite of mine. A friend was so concerned that I was going for months with HBP that she went so far as to give me one scary scenario after another on the consequences of a stoke or heart attack. The thought of being so incapacitated, as well as the ND's recommendation sent me to my medical doctor. I feel comfortable with him because he respects my need to know about the actions of my medication, and is not close minded when it comes to the use of natural methods. For example, he kept me monitored when I decided to stop Effexor for depression and take St. John's Wort instead. So when he insists on a medication, I am more likely to listen.

Again, thank you. I'd be interest to hear what your pharmacist says about peptides.