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Thanks for your help :), but I got to the actual problem. It's the weaning off Effexor, I have headaches and I feel so bad. I think it will take some time, my exams are next week :(. Anyway, I will not wean off Xanax 0.5mg until I finish my exams. I think I became addicted to this drug :(.
Anyway, I took my blood pressure 3 times yesterday and it was 126/84 - 124/80 and 129/80. Giving that this month is very cold and we are in winter, also I can't walk much because of my torn cartilage in my knee. I would say that my blood pressure is great :D.
Thanks for your great help,
You are right, of course. I forgot you'd planned to quit the Effexor. Good for you! :)

Good luck with your exams. I hope you pass with flying colors!