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Hey, I was reading my book on prescription meds and the HCTZ sounded alittle scary to me because as I had mentioned I do still drink so I decided just to try the Lisinopril alone, I called my Dr and left a message w/ the Dr's assist. and she said "sure the Doc will change ur script" as long as it isnt for a narcodict she'll change it, she just doesn't think that any meds are bad, she told me that Effexor was "Great" for pre menapausal symptoms!!! I'm only 41 but told her I was sweating alot at nite, so hense the premen, It was probably the damn Atenolol!!! I tried Effexor for 1 day and I went loony, never again, I'm on only 10 mgs of Prozac now and that works for me, so I will try the Linsinopril, she made it for 20mg a day, I will start at 5mgs and maybe go up, thanks for the help. Morgan;)