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As you may have read in some of my previous posts, I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Restless Legs Syndrome, Back pain and nerve pain, and recently developed tendonitis, (which has ended up being much more painful that I would have expected). Over the years, I have tried Elavil (amitryptilline), most of the SSRI's, Topamax, every sleep aid known to man and then some, and, most recently, Lyrica (for nerve pain) and Bextra (before it was taken off the market), Celebrex (which didn't do squat), Relafen and Ultram ER.

Yesterday, my PM took me off Lyrica due to the side effects (weight gain: 37 pounds in 4 months), swelling in the hands and feet, and an increase in my Fibromyalgia pain. He switched me to Neurontin, 600mg at bedtime, and also gave me Ultram ER for my FM and tendonitis pain.

Last week, I figured out pretty quickly that the Relafen gave me insomnia. Now, I am pretty sure I am experiencing the same thing with the Ultram ER. I am so frustrated. Not sleeping gets me into a depressed state in a hurry. At one time, I suffered from insomnia that was so severe that I would literally go weeks at a time without sleep, leading to deep depression, a zombie-like state and an increase in my pain. Now, I sleep 5/7 nights a week fairly well, being careful to use my meds (Ambien CR, Flexeril, Mirapex, Phenergan and occasional Xanax), along with my CPAP mask and earplugs (and snoring hubby tucked into another room). However, my sleep is very sensitive and anything can screw it up, like a margarita at dinner, vitamins that are too strong, being too hot, or, like everyone else, PAIN.

Has anyone else experienced sleeplessness on either Relafen and/or Ultram ER? If so, what did you finally find that worked for your pain and didn't interfere with your sleep? My pain is really wearing me down, since nothing but Vicodin seems to work for it, and I only have a couple of those left (left over from when I had my cervical injections late last year). I also think the doctor would hesitate to give me any more Vic for the type of pain I am complaining about.

Suggestions, comments?