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Elocon is a fast acting steroid cream/or ointment so you have to use a very thing coating and you don't want to use it long term but it is a great cream for eczema. Protopic is also a good cream which doesn't contain steroids but it takes longer to act. You can use that everyday and even as a prevenative!
Weesiebabe, I have the same exact problem you have. I am going crazy with the redness and itching; people think I have pink eyeshadow on. I wake up every morning with flakiness all around the eyes. Then it returns throughout the day. I am wondering if it is a reaction to my allergy shots. My allergist says no, but I don't believe him. The problem seems to have started within the past couple of years ever since I started getting the allergy shots. It is getting worse. I just got a shot yesterday, and I my eyes are especially itchy today!! Anybody else have this problem? I used Elocon before, but then was told not too cuz it is too strong. I don't want to use hydrocortizones on my eyelids, even though a dermotologist and allergist told me too. Anyone know of a good moisturizing cream for the eyelids? Weesiebabe, have you been to the dermatologist yet? What did he/she have to say?