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Wow, I was just about to make a post about this. I have the same problem. I always have it during winter. (I'm 17.) I was told many years ago that it's eczema. And actually, around 3 years ago, the doctor told me NOT to use products with lanolin in them. Hmm. But I probably should go to a dermatologist. For many years, I have used Elocon, which is only available by prescription. After I hadn't had it for a LONG time, I had it filled some weeks ago, and it was like seeing a dear old friend again. Hehe. :D Even though I've used it only a few times recently, it doesn't seem to be helping much, and it's turning my hands sort of white, like you can definitely see where I had put the cream. My skin on my hands is seriously the texture of an alligator's. Lol. :) It's very red, extremely dry, all splotchy, and it's been cracking and bleeding. When I put regular lotion on the one hand I've been having trouble with so far, it made my hand sort of hot and bright red. Soo today I went and bought Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. It's thick, so we'll see. Avon has some nice lotion/cream called Moisture Therapy, and it's very thick also.