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I am not even sure if I have eczema, nor if i can offer a suggestion but I had it as a child, and it consisted of mostly clumps of red patches but now, that I'm older I got these white spots, that in time turn red and flake and then back to white again--mom called them "sun spots" but that was over 10 yrs ago when I first got them and can't get rid of them---more than one dr. has put me on elocon cream because they say it is a fungal rash....why that just showed up when my allerigies and sinusis (we're talking 4-5 infections a year) are at their worse is beyond me, but I still have the spots, it's just that with the cream I don't itch and no more tiny bumps accompany the peeling, as it used to---sort of like ring worm where you have these small bumps that if popped ooze liquid...odd isn't it???