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Hi. I have a form of psoriasis that appears as reddish bumps scattered all over my skin (arms and legs mostly), and the occasional scaly patch. I use Elocon cream, it works great on the bumps on my arms and the scaly patches. But does nothing whatsoever for the bumps on my legs, which is alot worse than whats on my arms. Everytime I shave my legs, regardless of what kind of shaving cream I use, it ends up tearing all the bumps open and giving me terrible razorburn. It makes my legs look really bad...much worse than the bumps look before shaving. I have very sensitive skin and cannot use Nair or any of those kind of hair removers because it worsens the psoriasis and causes a rash. This problem just drives me crazy! I have even gone weeks and weeks w/o shaving due to it, and wear pants to cover it up. It's summer and I want to wear shorts outside of my home, but I'm too embarrased about my legs. If anyone here has some advice it would be great! Any info or advice is welcome. Thanks!! :)