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I have it--excema that is, but I was born with it--I mean I Came OUT with it on my face, but I've since gotten that under control in my adult life now if only I could control my nasal allergies and quit blowing my nose! (Though I must say I am doing better today than I have in a loooooong time!) anyway, have you ever seen this baby cream stuff they sell? I got mine at Albertsons and it's for baby excema and allergies and it worked great on me, though when I get flare ups sometimes, I will use the Elocon cream, which has a bit of steriod in it. It works great too!
I have this horrid rash on my eyelids.
I'm not a child getting a food allergy rash.. I'm 59½!

Started out a small problem on my upper cheeks and somwhat near my eyes a few years ago. Since it looked like "diaper rash" or "heat rash" I simply used Balmex cream on it.
Worked fine.
I developed an eyelid tic.
Opthalmologist said my eyes were very dry and to message the lids with a baby shampoo daily.
The message was to encourage the blood to bring additional moisture to my eyballs.
Also hold a steaming hot washrag cupped over the eyelids..sort of an eyelid sauna.
I did and the tic disappeared.
The eye lid message & eye sauna became part of daily ritual.

Then last year my eyelids decided to become a source of frequent heavy pirspiration.
The rash appeared big time and turned to painful blisters.
Does it every time I perspire or cry.
PCP prescribed Elocon.

It did help, and I would use it spareingly whenever the blisters appeared.
But the rash keeps returning in the form of sore blisters every time I perspire.
This summer has been really hard on it.

So I went to a Dermotoligist last Wed.
He said it's Exzema.
I have tons of allergies (had them for decades and I do control them by avoiding the causes) but none are contact allergies. My food allergies have caused bad pain or swelling in diff body areas over the decades but never rashes and I don't eat what I'm allergic to. My breathing allergies effect my sinuses and swell my inner ears. For some reason he seemed disappointed that I also don't have Asthma. He asked me twice if I was sure I don't also have asthma. I don't.

He said do not use the Elecon I was given..it is steroid and you should not use steriods near the eye! (I've already used it off and on for a year!)

He prescribed Elidel till it clears up or for 3 weeks which ever comes first and then I'm to goto Mimyx. He gave me samples of both and a perscription to get Elidel.
My Pharmacist informed me my INS will not pay the $90 for Elidel without a special letter from the Dr. She is calling him and hopes to get the letter in a few days.

I have no actual tube or papers on hand except the samples.

So I used the Elidel sample Wed night, Thursday AM, Thursday PM, Friday AM, Friday PM and this morning. My eyes are burning and tearing up at odd times. This morning I had a headache that wouldn't quit!

This morning it finally dawned on me that I have the world at my fingertips and I can look up these meds and see if my problems are related to the med. Have no idea why I didn't think of that earlier!

SURE enough.. the burning teary eyes and the headache are known "rare" side effects of Elidel.

Then a link I clicked had located the cancer warning on the internet and I immediatly went and washed off the Elidel!

I am angry!
My PCP having given me steroids to use on my eyelids in the first place for such a long time and steroids don't belong on eyelids!
Now the Dermotologist gives me this "better" Elidel?
How can a DR prescribe things that have cancer warnings and not even mention possible problems to the patient?

I also looked up the Mimyx. That ones sounds safe.
A leasyt what I've read so far sounds OK.
So I have Mimyx on my eyelids right now.
Being weekend the Dr is closed but first of the week I am calling for a perscription of the Mimyx because I'm done with Elidel.

Does anyone use Mimyx?

I'm very interested in the things you guys use but I'm not intrested in the "make your own formula" thingy.

Dermotologist said to use ONLY Dove soap for cleaning my skin.
Luckily I have that onhand anyway, since I've always dry skin. I also have dry eyes.

I guess my daily eylid massage and sauna are exactly opposite of what to do for excema.
So I'll put that on hold.
I sure hope my eyelid tic does not return!