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My 3 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with eczema. The Dr. prescribed a cream called Elocon. Has anyone ever used this med and knows anything about its effectiveness or safety?
My son is 5 now and he was diagnosed with baby eczema since he was ~4 months old. I have used Elocon on him since ~18 months old. He complains that it burns when I first put it on, then it goes away after a few minutes. I use as least as possible on him and sometimes 1 to 2 times will clear his up.
my son uses the elocon olny when the rash is red and itchy and olny once a day ...it really works fast... try usuing eucerin lotion inbetween.. affter baths ect.. this regimen has helped my son alot..other tips would be quick warm baths.. pat dry ..dont rub dry...they also recomend avveno products to bathe/ wash ur child with...good luck..


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