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Darn right it's alarming!
I have this horrid rash on my eyelids.
Started out a small problem on my upper cheeks and somwhat near my eyes a few years ago. Since it looked like "diaper rash" or "heat rash" I simply used Balmex cream on it.
Worked fine.
Then last year my eyelids decided to become a source of frequent heavy pirspiration.
The rash appeared big time and turned to blisters.
Does it every time I perspire or cry.
PCP prescribed Elocon.
It did help but the rash keeps returning in the form of sore blisters every time I perspire.
so I went to a Dermotoligist last Wed.
He said it's Exzema. (I have tons of allergies but none are contact allergies. For some reason he seemed disappointed that I also don't have Asthma. He asked me twice if I was sure I don't also have asthma. I don't)

He said do not use the Elecon I was given..it is steroid and you should not use steriods near the eye! (I've already used it off and on for a year!)

He prescribed Elidel till it clears up or for 3 weeks which ever comes first and then I'm to goto Mimyx. He gave me samples of both and a perscription to get Elidel.
My Pharmacist informed me my INS will not pay the $90 for Elidel without a special letter from the Dr. She is calling him and hopes to get the letter in a few days.

I have no actual tube or papers on hand except the samples.
So I used the Elidel sample Wed night, Thursday AM, Thursday PM, Friday AM, Friday PM and this morning. My eyes are burning and tearing up at odd times. This morning I had a headache that wouldn't quit!

This morning it finally dawned on me that I have the world at my fingertips and I can look up these meds and see if my problems are related to the med.

SURE enough.. they are known "rare" side efftcts.

I actually located the cancer warning on the internet and immediatly went and washed off the Elidel!

I am angry!
My PCP having given me steroids to use on my eyelids in the first place for such a long time and steroids don't belong on eyelids!
Now the Dermotologist gives me this "better" Elidel? How can a DR prescribe things that have cancer warnings and not even mention possible problems to the patient?

I also looked up the Mimyx. That ones sounds safe.
So I have Mimyx on my eyelids right now.
Being weekend the Dr is closed but first of the week I am calling for a perscription of the Mimyx because I'm done with Elidel.